Sunday, July 24, 2011

here we go!

I was so hesitant to pick up the needle and begin.

Though I had admired My Friend A's peyote stitch bracelets, I never thought I would attempt what appeared to be a very time consuming, detailed project.

My Friend K placed a pattern and supplies in front of me during one of our monthly 'girl days.'  How could I say no, knowing all the time that I could just barely see the 11mm beads, and never dreaming that I could actually pick them up with the needle.

A few beads later, I was on a roll!  No turning back now!

The beads slide on to the needle, faster and faster, row after row, and I wait stitch after stitch for the beautiful colorful beaded pattern to unfold before my eyes.

And that brings me to today.  Peyote stitch bracelets lend themselves so well to reflect the creation God has given us to enjoy.  In my designs you will see what I see in the world around us.

I hope you will enjoy following along on my blog as I write about pattern designs in progress, new ideas and inspiration, and perhaps I'll share a pattern with you from time to time.

I have opened an Etsy store.  Like this blog, the Etsy store is in it's early stages of development.  I hope you will visit my Etsy store often, as my inspirations may be your next original accessory.

(and if you are hungry, here's the link to my baking blog:

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