Wednesday, August 24, 2011

peyote stitch patterns - Colors of Fall


No one is sitting in the chairs on the beach seems sad.  In reality, it's a beautiful day.  The sky is clear, the Gulf waves are gently rolling onto the shore, the sand is warm, and the sounds are of an occasional lawn mower, airplane, or child.  All of this is a sign that the summer season is coming to an end, school is back in session, and brisk days will arrive one morning unexpected...yet expected.

I see our "Lord of all creation...." every time I walk the beach

My next peyote stitch beaded bracelet pattern series, Colors of Fall, was inspired by a starfish.  Not actually a live one, but one I saw while at the beach.

Both patterns in the Colors of Fall series are available now in my Etsy store.  You can find
"Fingerpaint" Here, and you can find "Window View" Here.

Coming Soon to my Etsy store: three patterns in the Chromatic Color series

Check back often to either my Etsy store, or to this blog for updates related to my newly posted peyote stitch beaded bracelet patterns.

Thanks for stopping by... I'm walking the beach at sunrise this week....inspiring...

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  1. OK Gale, Here is a test comment. See if you get it. I have walked on the Panhandle beaches, back when I worked down there on occasion, and I have seen them as empty as you are talking about and maybe even with fewer people than you are seeing. It is eerie.
    I clicked Post Comment and it made me choose a profilae, so I chose anonymous.