Sunday, August 7, 2011

peyote stitch patterns - Retro Floral Twig

I love old stuff. I have a house full of old stuff.
The dish towel under the just baked brown sugar pop tarts was painted with Artex paint by my great aunt or grandmother 30-40 years ago.  (I told you I like old stuff.)

When I say old stuff, I mean family treasures handed down through the generations.  The creaks of the bed remind me of my grandmother; the drop leaf table reminds me of my uncle; the dishes remind me of Mom.

My next series of peyote stitch beaded bracelet patterns - "Retro Flower" - was inspired by the dish towel in the picture.

The first in a series of three, Retro Flower Twig is available now in my Etsy store.  You can find the link Here.

Update -- #2 is posted:  Retro Flower Duo is posted; you can find the link Here.
Update -- #3 is posted:  Retro Flower Power is posted; you can find the link Here.

Coming Soon to my Etsy store:  Coronado

Check back often to either my Etsy store, or to this blog for updates related to my newly posted peyote stitch beaded bracelet patterns.

Thanks for stopping by... the work week, and new opportunities, await.

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