Wednesday, August 3, 2011

peyote stitch pattern Beach Series - Smoke on the Water

I've now posted the final of four beach series peyote stitch beaded bracelet patterns.  The forrest fire in the state park near the beach created billows of smoke.

Though quite spectacular to see, I knew devastatin was left in the wake of the fire.

Smoke on the Water is available now in my Etsy store.  You can find the link Here.

Coming Soon to my Etsy store:  an abstract play on light and shadows

Check back often to either my Etsy store, or to this blog for updates related to my newly posted peyote stitch beaded bracelet patterns.

Thanks for stopping by...the weekend is coming soon.  It's 'girls beading day' at my house Saturday; can't wait!

(and if you are hungry, here's the link to my baking blog:

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